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Autumn Wellness Newsletter

Roseville Wellness Group

Sleep and Brain Protection, A Reminder for Asthmatics, Chronic Inflammation and Our 2024 Metabolic Recovery Program

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Introducing the MRP - Metabolic Recovery Programme

Dr Im and Dr Makri are deeply concerned about how internal and external stressors have driven cortisol levels sky high. This one biological negative shift has created: fatty liver and spleen, insulin resistance, adrenal exhaustion,
fibromyalgia, lymphatic congestion, osteoporosis, migraines, sleep changes, mood changes and anxiety.

Cortisol overload also contributes to miscarriages and subfertility. Covid and covid vaccines may have also complicated our biological coping mechanisms. MRP involves a thorough consultation with Dr Makri who uses her knowledge in Pythagoras theorem and Hippocratic philosophy to target the root causes of any dysfunction.

Dr Im then uses her Brain Sciences, Integrative Medicine and Therapeutic Laser knowledge to help you on your way to recovery.Individualised Sound Therapy will be recommended for homework and maintenance of optimal functionality.
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