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Roseville Wellness Group exists to help the individual find their optimal wellbeing through improving physical and emotional resilience. 

By fine-tuning what we eat, reviewing our supplements, finding an exercise regime to suit our body type and by nourishing our mind, body and spirit with meditation, we help ourselves increase our physical and emotional resilience to better weather what our modern, often overloaded lives bring. 
At Roseville Wellness Group we can assist patients with many scenarios including environmental induced stress disorders, the peri-operative period with central pain management.   Very importantly, we can restore and help with maintenance of health and wellbeing.  In 2018, by popular request, Dr Quah-Smith is available for consultation on mental health and posturology strategies in the workplace, including Corporations.


Holisitic Healing Roseville Wellness Group
Traditional Chinese Medicine Roseville Wellness Group
Massage for Recovery and Wellbeing Roseville Wellness Center

Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine

Performed by a skilled practitioner, acupuncture is a safe and effective treatment in a large range of disorders.  Acupuncture regulates the brain to body information pathways.  Needles, magnet or handheld laser modalities are utilized depending on individual needs.



Photobiomodulation (PBM), previously known as Laser Therapy, delivers low frequency laser light using the most advanced European technology directly to body tissue including, tendons, ligaments, skin, bones and the bloodstream to support healing.  This ground-breaking modality emits no heat or radiation, is non-invasive, painless and generally free from side-effects.



Auricular Medicine

Auricular medicine is a stand alone treatment accessing the brain via cranial nerves to restore functionality. It is sometimes referred to simplistically as ear acupuncture.  Auricular medicine accesses brain connectivity via the cranial nerves using the ear (auricle).  This therapy can support individuals suffering postural problems, anxiety, headache, depression, ADHD and functional learning delay.  It plays an excellent supporting role in the management of complex pain, and during chemotherapy and IVF treatments.


Shiatsu Massage Therapy

Shiatsu massage therapy supports the individual to move towards a greater sense of health and wellbeing on different levels: physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. Shiatsu involves applying pressure to the body using a practitioner’s thumbs, palms, elbows, knees and feet to restore the balance of energy through meridians (energy channels) in order to promote health and strengthen the body’s healing abilities. 


Surgical Pain Management

Strategically placed semi-permanent acupuncture studs (known as ASPs) have been used by the US Military for the last 15 years to manage acute trauma.  At RWG we target central (brain) pain control regions pre operatively. This protocol has been shown to be extremely helpful for pain management and recovery after surgeries of all kind.  Empirically, our patients have used significantly less strong analgesia and have considerably improved recovery times.


The studs stay in place under small plasters during and following surgery for up to two weeks.  They are easily removed when no longer required.   A letter is provided for your anesthetist to explain the protocol.


MRI and other imaging is possible following surgery by using titanium (non-ferrous) studs.  This treatment is not suitable for pregnant women.


Counselling/Psychology Services

If you are going through personal and professional change and transition you will be guided to find greater meaning and fulfillment.


Those navigating health challenges will learn coping skills and the transformative impact of mindfulness. Areas of specialty include helping people with disability, depression, grief, self-confidence, addictive behavior and life crisis.



Our Naturopath is highly experienced in clinical and corporate wellness. In line with Roseville Wellness Group’s philosophy of empowerment for patient wellbeing,  Naturopathic expertise and Traditional Chinese Medical theory is used to achieve the best outcome for our patients.

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