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Photobiomodulation and Sub-Lingual Passive Laser Therapy

Photobiomodulation (PBM), previously known as low level Laser Therapy,  is the application of low frequency laser beams through the skin and into body tissue (e.g. muscle, skin, tendon and ligaments) including into individual cells.  The laser light penetrates each cell’s light absorbing bio-molecules and stimulates a healing response.  This response modulates cellular metabolism, regulating the immune system, reducing inflammation, accelerating the healing process and relieving pain. 

Photobiomodulation from the red and infra-red range emits no heat or radiation and is non-invasive, painless and generally free from side-effects. 


Repeated treatments with short intervals in between give better results and the effects are cumulative.  Intervals between treatments become longer as symptoms resolve.  Individual treatment regimes are designed for each patient.


Photobiomodulation is a highly effective support therapy for acute and chronic conditions, such as:



Acute trauma                                                   

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Facial collagen rejuvenation

Facial muscular rejuvenation                                   

Impaired peripheral circulation                           

Ligament and tendon tears                                       

Lymphatic drainage  

Migraine and other headaches

Mucosal and skin surface infection                           

Musculoskeletal pain                                        

Neuropathic pain     

Tennis Elbow, Fasciitis, Achilles Tendonitis,

Wound and scar healing                                            


Sub-Lingual Passive Photobiomodulation Therapy


Using Photobiomodulation settings, the applicator for the sub-lingual is designed so that the blood vessels can be easily exposed to the laser light without any discomfort to the patient.


Blood chemistry improves soon after the treatment and continues to modulate the physiology and immune system. It is particularly beneficial after long illness, surgery and prolonged physical endurance and during the rehabilitation period.  It also works as an anti-viral/anti-bacterial tool in the management of chronic infective elements.  The therapy assists in improving natural immunity, overall wellbeing, improved sleep and healthy ageing.


This is an ideal passive systemic therapy method that is classified as suitable for all patients. Treatment times are 5-10 minutes in duration.


Sub-Lingual Passive Photobiomodulation is a helpful for:


Age-related cognitive decline

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

Chronic pain syndrome

Chronic skin conditions e.g. Psoriasis, Eczema

Diabetes mellitus

Heart disease and hypertension

Lingering pathogens e.g. Candida

Lipid metabolism disorders

At Roseville Wellness Group our staff are trained and certified by the Australian Institute of Laser Therapy in Melbourne.  We use the RJ Laser ‘Physiolaser’ Olympic.  See for further information and academic literature.

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