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August 25th 2022


Anxiety itself is not a bad thing. It helps to keep us safe from threatening situations but often doesn’t feel good. So what happens in our bodies when we are feeling anxious? The
nervous system is flooded with stress hormones, our muscles tense, breathing becomes rapid, our heart races and our senses are on hyper alert. This is important to help us
recognize and respond to threat. It can also help to motivate us to deal with life challenges
like exams, job interviews and health issues.


Anxiety can happen to anyone. Anxiety disorders don’t have an exact cause but it is now the most common mental challenge for young people in their 20’s and 30’s.
There are things we can do to help – healthy diet, exercise, good sleep and social
connections. Mindfulness practices like breathing exercises and meditation can also assist in calming the mind and reducing anxiety.


Fortunately, anxiety is highly treatable and we can recover from it really well. The first step
is to learn how to manage it so that it doesn’t impact our daily functioning. A Psychotherapist or Counsellor can help develop strategies or “tools” to reduce and eliminate anxiety such as CBT (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy) which aids in managing and changing recurring thinking patterns.

Anxiety is a natural emotion but it can develop into a debilitating disorder which may mean
you will need some professional help. So reach out to our Practitioners here at the Roseville
Wellness Group.

August 17th 2022


The common denominator for symptoms of long Covid and also post Covid vaccine related adverse reactions is the vagal nervous system. The vagal nervous system can be accessed for rehabilitation by auricular medicine (simplistically referred to as ear acupuncture) as the surfaces of the ear concha are vagal

auricular access regions of the body.

Using therapeutic laser at these locations can help the clinician and patient to quantify how much the vagal nervous system has been affected and hence can predict how long before recovery and/or rehabilitation.

The vagal nervous system regulates all the automatic regulatory functions (e.g., heart rate, respiratory rate and bowel function). Not known to many, the vagal nervous system also travels up to the supra optic chiasm (SC) where sleep regulation occurs.

If one has had Covid (especially if more than once) it is really important to assess how the different organ systems are running and not assume all is well without some quantification of status of these organs. Therapeutic laser and auricular medicine are useful tools for recovery.

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